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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Do you have annoying brothers or sisters like me? Maybe they steal your technology? Well I am going to be talking about how annoying brothers can be today. So, first the front seat. They say in the house I can sit in the front, but when I get to the car they are already in the front seat. Do you know how annoying that is!  Then we argue the whole way, till we get to our destination and guess what? On the way back it's worse, because I don't cry when my brother is in the front and guess what he does!

Another problem I have is in the night my brother steals my lego, from my bedroom and sometimes when I'm not at home in the daytime he breaks my lego as well. I can spend hours building and building my lego and guess what it’s no use because he breaks it. ANNOYING!

Another part of having brothers is sharing toys on my birthday/christmas/and of course when I got a new drift trike. Because i got the first one in my family on my birthday but I had to share it when i got it, and in my mind i was like no no no do not come any closer please my toy but dad had a fake distraction so the boys could have a turn on the drift trike and he said it was a surprise and it was in the house, but when i got in there he said sharing is caring and then i raced out to get my drift trike but they were all ready at the end of the street so i didn't even bother to go and get it.

But now i would like to tell you what i love about having brothers.
They are always there for me when i need someone to talk to. someone to play with and someone to help me and keep me company.  

It’s never boring on road trips because i've always got someone to play with.
So i guess having brothers isn't so bad after all. I just need to get over the broken Lego, enjoying the front seat, and learn how to share my trike.

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